A Thames Water update regarding the leak in HP17/18/22

A Thames Water update regarding the leak in HP17/18/22

Thames Water have now finished the repair near Carters Lane that has caused no water and low pressure in the area this evening.

Pressure is now increasing, and some customers may find that water has already returned. For others, this will take a little longer for the water to return due to location and the size of the area affected but we expect all customers water to be back to normal by the morning. You may notice once your water has returned that it appears cloudy, this is perfectly normal and harmless.

What you are seeing is tiny air bubbles within the water caused by the supply interruption. The way to fix this is to simply run your cold kitchen tap for around 5 minutes and then fill a dry clean glass to see if this has improved the clarity of your water.

Thank you for your patience tonight, if you have any concerns or any continued issues, please contact Thames Water via their media pages for further assistance.

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