Dog Bin (AV458) Baker Street to Silk Street – Reported Full

Dog Bin (AV458) Baker Street to Silk Street – Reported Full

The dog waste bin located between Baker Street and Silk Street is currently full. This has been reported to AVDC over the weekend and is hoped to be emptied this morning.

In the mean time the council asks if you could use another adjacent dog waste bin or take your waste home until the bin has been emptied.

If you find a dog waste bin full please:

  • Contact either the Parish Council or AVDC quoting the AV*** number on the bin or the location
  • Do not leave your waste bag next to or on top of the bin
  • Do not hang your waste bag from a nearby bush, tree or fence
  • Do not throw the waste bag into the shrubs near the bin. Our grounds staff often strim the area and it is extremely unpleasant for them

To assist we have a map here of all the dog waste bins within the parish

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