Waddesdon Parish Council are fund-raising tonight to help make a Christmas miracle

Waddesdon Parish Council are fund-raising tonight to help make a Christmas miracle

A five-year-old from Waddesdon is hoping together we can give her a Christmas miracle.

Lily Wetherall was born at 32 weeks and sustained a bad brain injury which resulted from her twin dying. Lily has a brain stem, but her brain cavity is filled with fluid. She has up to 20 seizures a day, often triggered by the very slightest noise. Her mum, Sienna told us what it was like why they found out about her condition:

We thought we were over the worse of loosing her sister, Paige.
Then to find out a month later, your child has a life-limiting condition, it changes you forever basically.

A new bed for Lily

Until recently she slept in a standard bed with four-bed rails, but a deterioration in her condition means she’s no longer able to clear her own airways and chokes if she’s in the wrong position.

Unable to quickly get a specialist bed from the NHS, Lily’s parents Sienna and Anthony turned to Newlife who urgently delivered a bed through its emergency equipment loan service, alleviating the immediate risk to Lily’s safety. However, She urgently needs a permanent bed but NHS Buckinghamshire will only offer a full-sized adjustable hospital bed, which won’t fit in anywhere in their Aylesbury home.

You can you help?

They need to raise the £5,490 needed so Lily can have a specialist bed of her own to keep and that doesn’t put her at risk.

Newlife’s Senior Manager for Care Services, Carrick Brown, said:

We would love to help Lily and her family, but we simply don’t have the funds right now so we are asking people in Buckinghamshire to make a donation or fundraise to help her, as soon as possible, so she is safe and pain free.

Tonight Waddesdon Parish Council will donate half the money raised by the Santa Sleigh to this important cause. We know how this village helps its own so please Waddesdon help us to help her and dig deep tonight when Santa comes knocking!

Anyone who is able to help Lily should urgently contact Newlife on 01543 431444.

To donate £10 text LILW10 to 70070, email local@newlifecharity.co.uk or visit the website here