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School Lane Play Area Maintenance (Wednesday 16th May)

School Lane Planned Maintenance

We aim to look after our parks, open spaces and play areas so that they are welcoming, clean, safe, attractive and accessible.

The School Lane Play Park will be closed on Wednesday 16th May whilst safety repairs are carried out. Our contractor hopes that it will be possible to complete the work in one day and that weather allowing the park will be reopen as normal Thursday 17th May. However, this may alter should any difficulties be experienced during the day or there is a significant change to the weather.

Could parents please ensure that children are kept away from the immediate vicinity while work is being carried out. It is anticipated that work will commence at 8AM and last until approximately 4PM.

Please note repairs are being carried out to the Play Area, Skate Park and Multi Use Games Area (MUGA).

Background Information
To ensure that we are following the latest recommendations the School Lane play area is regularly inspected to standards that have been agreed by the British Standards Institute, the Health and Safety Executive, our Insurers and RoSPA.

All of our play equipment is installed, maintained and inspected to EN1176, Part 7 by an approved contractor.

Dog Bin (AV458) Baker Street to Silk Street – Reported Full

The dog waste bin located between Baker Street and Silk Street is currently full. This has been reported to AVDC over the weekend and is hoped to be emptied this morning.

In the mean time the council asks if you could use another adjacent dog waste bin or take your waste home until the bin has been emptied.

If you find a dog waste bin full please:

  • Contact either the Parish Council or AVDC quoting the AV*** number on the bin or the location
  • Do not leave your waste bag next to or on top of the bin
  • Do not hang your waste bag from a nearby bush, tree or fence
  • Do not throw the waste bag into the shrubs near the bin. Our grounds staff often strim the area and it is extremely unpleasant for them

To assist we have a map here of all the dog waste bins within the parish

Blocked Sewer Drain – Wood Street / High Street (A41)

Blocked Sewer Drain – Wood Street / High Street (A41)

We have been alerted by residents that the sewer drain in Wood Street is blocked and untreated waste water is flowing down Wood Street and then into the High Street.

Thames Water have advised that residents should avoid walking around the affected area if possible until they arrive. This was reported to Thames Water this morning by the council and several local residents. Due to the nature of the issue Thames Water have flagged this as a priority. An engineer has been dispatched and is due on site shortly.

You can check the progress of the repair here

A41 Traffic Lights Reminder

A41 Traffic Lights Reminder

Traffic lights will be in effect on the A41 at Fleet Marston between 10-4pm from the 16th of April for up to 3 weeks for HS2 related works.

Expect delays during these hours.

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