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Bucks CC – Supported Bus Services Survey

Bucks CC – Supported Bus Services Survey

Many of the bus routes serving rural areas of Buckinghamshire need ongoing financial support from Bucks County Council to operate. BCC want as many people as possible in the village communities to have access to public transport, so you can get out and about and do what is important to you, such as go to the doctors, the shops or visit friends and family.

Since the last review 5 years ago a lot has changed and they would like to understand how current bus services are being used. This survey information will be evaluated to review how future services can better meet people’s travel patterns, and this may include revising existing routes and timetables or looking at alternatives such as community transport or other flexible transport services.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey at which is open for responses until 20 July 2018. BCC will review all the feedback from the survey this summer, and later in 2018 will carry out a consultation on any proposed changes. Updates on this review will be available on the BCC website.

Whether you are a regular or occasional bus user, feedback to BCC via this survey is important to help shape and protect the future of your local bus service.

For those unable to complete the survey on-line, paper copies of the survey are available. Please contact the Clerk on 01296 651800

Sink hole on pavement at Golden Mede entrance

Golden Mede / A41 Sink Hole

We have been made aware of a sink hole that has appeared in the pavement located at the Golden Mede entrance adjacent to the A41.

The issue appears to be related to recent works carried out by Thames Water in this location. The council has made Thames Water aware of the problem. Cllr Paul Irwin has visited the site and has informed Transport for Bucks of the situation.

If you are walking along this route please be aware of the barriers that have been placed around the sink hole and that the pavement is extremely unsafe to cross over at this time and we would recommended avoiding it until a repair team has accessed the site.

An update will follow once we know more.

Bin collection days in Waddesdon are changing for many customers

Waste Bin Collection Day Changes

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) is already gearing up for major changes to its recycling and waste collection service which will start this September.

AVDC is making some vital improvements to all its collection rounds; recycling, general waste, food and garden waste. As a result, most customers are likely to have a change of bin collection day.

A letter explaining the day changes will be sent to all households across the Vale during mid-August, along with a new bin collection day calendar. The frequency of household collections will not change; with recycling and general waste collected on alternate weeks, garden waste collected fortnightly and food recycling collected every week.

The Waddesdon Parish Council would like to encourage customers to read their letter and take note of any changes to their collection day.

We will update the page on our website that covers the collection dates for the next 3 months when we have the new dates from AVDC for Waddesdon.

Food waste caddy and plastic bags / liners

You can now use plastic liners or bags in your food waste caddy!

Take a look below for more information…
What type of plastic liners can be used?
You can use any of the following plastic bags/liners:

  • Plastic bags bought on a roll e.g. pedal bins liners
  • Supermarket carrier bags
  • Thin plastic bags, such as fridge and freezer storage bags
  • Bags that food has come in, such as: bread bags, salad bags, cereal bags etc.

What type of plastic liners CANNOT be used?

  • No black bin liners or rubble sacks – if your collection crew can’t see the contents, they will not be able to collect the food waste.
  • No hard plastic packaging such as for punnets of fruit. However, these can be put in your blue-lidded recycling bin.

For more information; please refer to AVDCs customer FAQs.

Temporary Road Closure Notifications – New Street, Quainton Road and Wood Street

Thames Water Road Works

We have been notified that Thames Water are carrying our works in our area. Details of the two sites and the roads affected are below.

Quainton Road and Wood Street
24 hours daily – 26/05/18 until 03/06/18 (9 days)

Car Diversion – Quainton Road, High Street, Frederick Street and Vice Versa
Bus Diversion – High Street, Station Road and Vice Versa

New Street (Outside Number 9)
24hours daily – 24/05/18 (2 days)

No Diversion Route Required

School Lane Play Area Maintenance (Wednesday 16th May)

School Lane Planned Maintenance

We aim to look after our parks, open spaces and play areas so that they are welcoming, clean, safe, attractive and accessible.

The School Lane Play Park will be closed on Wednesday 16th May whilst safety repairs are carried out. Our contractor hopes that it will be possible to complete the work in one day and that weather allowing the park will be reopen as normal Thursday 17th May. However, this may alter should any difficulties be experienced during the day or there is a significant change to the weather.

Could parents please ensure that children are kept away from the immediate vicinity while work is being carried out. It is anticipated that work will commence at 8AM and last until approximately 4PM.

Please note repairs are being carried out to the Play Area, Skate Park and Multi Use Games Area (MUGA).

Background Information
To ensure that we are following the latest recommendations the School Lane play area is regularly inspected to standards that have been agreed by the British Standards Institute, the Health and Safety Executive, our Insurers and RoSPA.

All of our play equipment is installed, maintained and inspected to EN1176, Part 7 by an approved contractor.

Dog Bin (AV458) Baker Street to Silk Street – Reported Full

The dog waste bin located between Baker Street and Silk Street is currently full. This has been reported to AVDC over the weekend and is hoped to be emptied this morning.

In the mean time the council asks if you could use another adjacent dog waste bin or take your waste home until the bin has been emptied.

If you find a dog waste bin full please:

  • Contact either the Parish Council or AVDC quoting the AV*** number on the bin or the location
  • Do not leave your waste bag next to or on top of the bin
  • Do not hang your waste bag from a nearby bush, tree or fence
  • Do not throw the waste bag into the shrubs near the bin. Our grounds staff often strim the area and it is extremely unpleasant for them

To assist we have a map here of all the dog waste bins within the parish

Blocked Sewer Drain – Wood Street / High Street (A41)

Blocked Sewer Drain – Wood Street / High Street (A41)

We have been alerted by residents that the sewer drain in Wood Street is blocked and untreated waste water is flowing down Wood Street and then into the High Street.

Thames Water have advised that residents should avoid walking around the affected area if possible until they arrive. This was reported to Thames Water this morning by the council and several local residents. Due to the nature of the issue Thames Water have flagged this as a priority. An engineer has been dispatched and is due on site shortly.

You can check the progress of the repair here

A notification from HS2 regarding works on the A41 at Fleet Marston

What are HS2 doing?

HS2 are creating new habitat sites for protected species in our area. These new sites will be part of the ‘green corridor’ of connected wildlife habitats alongside the route of the future railway.

To be able to access two of the habitat sites HS2 are creating south of the A41 at Fleet Marston, they will need to use temporary traffic lights to reduce traffic to one lane in the location shown on the map. This is so HS2 can create a safe site entrance off the A41 for vehicles during the construction of the habitat sites.

The temporary traffic lights will be in place from 16th April 2018 and the works will take a maximum of three weeks. The lights will only be in place from 10am to 4pm each day to reduce delays in peak hours. Sign-age will be put in place to warn drivers prior to the work starting.

HS2 will carry out these works only with permission from Buckinghamshire County Council’s Transport Department and will comply with their requirements.

The works to the site entrance will require a small number of HGV movements taking away spoil and delivering materials. A mechanical digger will be used to clear the area and powered tools will be used to create the new site entrance.

How may this affect me?

There will be traffic delays to journeys on the A41 in this area. HS2 are aware this is a busy road and will make every effort to minimise the duration of the works if they can do so safely.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or if you would like to find out more, you can get in touch quoting reference AWNC2B0005:

• Write to: HS2 Helpdesk, Two Snowhill, Snow Hill Oueensway, Birmingham, B4 6GA
• Email:
• Telephone: 0808 143 44 34

You are welcome to ask someone to represent you in any discussions with HS2 Ltd.

Full details can be found here Advance Works Notification for the A41 at Fleet Marston. (PDF Format)