Best Kept Village Competition

Buckinghamshire Best Kept Village Competition

16th March 2020

Following the Government’s most recent advice this evening, and the continuing uncertainty about the Coronavirus situation, we have reluctantly decided to cancel this year’s competition. It is a pity, but is the sensible thing to do in the circumstances and at this early stage. Hopefully, we will return in 2021.

Previous Years

2019 – So close! We were only 1 point behind the runner-up! Awarded a certificate of merit in the DeFraine Cup.

2018 – Narrowly missing the top slot by only a couple of points, we were once again awarded a merit BKV merit cert

It was a tough year due to the extreme weather and a change in our grounds staff so we were very pleased with the result.

2017 – Once again Waddesdon has done well! We’ve been awarded a certificate of merit in the DeFraine Cup.

2016 – Waddesdon scored a high mark and for our efforts, was awarded a certificate of merit in the DeFraine Cup.

Richard Pushman, Chairman of the Best Kept Village Competition, wrote,

I would like to thank the parish council for entering this year and congratulate everyone involved on their success in maintaining such a well-kept village.

About the competition

The Best Kept Village Competition highlights the great community activity that goes on in our lovely Buckinghamshire villages. It is a great way to recognise the contribution of many who give their time and effort to showcase and enhance their local environment.

The Best Kept Village competition is not just for ‘pretty’ villages – we want to see communities where everyone makes an effort to keep their surroundings well maintained. The competition is a good opportunity for villages to celebrate all the positive aspects of life in their village and we warmly congratulate this year’s winners for their superb efforts.


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