Collection Dates for Waste, Recycling, Food and Garden bins

Collection Dates for the Parish of Waddesdon

Please make sure your bin is out for 6:30am

Waste Bin:Recycling BinFood Waste BinGarden Waste Bin
Wednesday 24 JanuaryWednesday 24 January
Monday 29 January
Wednesday 31 JanuaryWednesday 31 January
Wednesday 7 FebruaryWednesday 7 February
Monday 12 February
Wednesday 14 FebruaryWednesday 14 February
Wednesday 21 FebruaryWednesday 21 February
Monday 26 February
Wednesday 28 FebruaryWednesday 28 February
Wednesday 7 MarchWednesday 7 March
Monday 12 March
Wednesday 14 MarchWednesday 14 March
Wednesday 21 MarchWednesday 21 March
Monday 26 March
Wednesday 28 MarchWednesday 28 March
Wednesday 4 AprilWednesday 4 April
Monday 9 April
Wednesday 11 AprilWednesday 11 April
Wednesday 18 AprilWednesday 18 April

The garden waste collection service runs fortnightly between February and November. Your garden waste bin is emptied every other Monday.To locate your bin day please follow this link to the AVDC website. You’ll need to enter your postcode and optionally the house number to lookup your collection details.

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