Defibrillators in the Parish

Our Defibrillator

The new defibrillator has been installed at the Fire Station High Street (A41) ensuring that the whole community has access to a defibrillator in case of emergencies. The defibrillator has been installed in specially designed cabinet ensuring that it is accessible to the public 24/7 and are designed to be easy to use, portable and battery powered.

What is a defibrillator and who can use them?

Modern portable Automated External Defibrillators (AED) have made defibrillation a much simpler process than in the past, and only basic training is needed to use them effectively. They’re designed to be used by members of the public, and are very effective at guiding the operator through the process of administering a shock. They are widely available, safe and easy to use, and won’t allow a shock to be given to a victim who doesn’t need one.  It is not unusual for Volunteer Groups to look after the AEDs located in their communities.

How will the volunteers know when to take action?

In an emergency situation, the public will continue to ring 999 and ask for an ambulance in the normal way. Bucks Ambulance Service will despatch an ambulance / paramedic as usual. There is no change to this process.

Bucks Ambulance Service will recognise that a Public Access AED is situated in the area, and simultaneously contact the volunteers for a response. This can be done in a number of ways – the voluntary group will agree which system will work best for it.

The volunteer(s) will proceed to the AED, enter the PIN code, remove the AED from the enclosure – and go to the victim to render assistance until the ambulance crew arrive.

Please see attached leaflet about how community defibrillators are accessed Council article 8 LR

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