School Lane Play Area Maintenance (Wednesday 16th May)

School Lane Planned Maintenance

We aim to look after our parks, open spaces and play areas so that they are welcoming, clean, safe, attractive and accessible.

The School Lane Play Park will be closed on Wednesday 16th May whilst safety repairs are carried out. Our contractor hopes that it will be possible to complete the work in one day and that weather allowing the park will be reopen as normal Thursday 17th May. However, this may alter should any difficulties be experienced during the day or there is a significant change to the weather.

Could parents please ensure that children are kept away from the immediate vicinity while work is being carried out. It is anticipated that work will commence at 8AM and last until approximately 4PM.

Please note repairs are being carried out to the Play Area, Skate Park and Multi Use Games Area (MUGA).

Background Information
To ensure that we are following the latest recommendations the School Lane play area is regularly inspected to standards that have been agreed by the British Standards Institute, the Health and Safety Executive, our Insurers and RoSPA.

All of our play equipment is installed, maintained and inspected to EN1176, Part 7 by an approved contractor.

Dog Bin (AV458) Baker Street to Silk Street – Reported Full

The dog waste bin located between Baker Street and Silk Street is currently full. This has been reported to AVDC over the weekend and is hoped to be emptied this morning.

In the mean time the council asks if you could use another adjacent dog waste bin or take your waste home until the bin has been emptied.

If you find a dog waste bin full please:

  • Contact either the Parish Council or AVDC quoting the AV*** number on the bin or the location
  • Do not leave your waste bag next to or on top of the bin
  • Do not hang your waste bag from a nearby bush, tree or fence
  • Do not throw the waste bag into the shrubs near the bin. Our grounds staff often strim the area and it is extremely unpleasant for them

To assist we have a map here of all the dog waste bins within the parish

Blocked Sewer Drain – Wood Street / High Street (A41)

Blocked Sewer Drain – Wood Street / High Street (A41)

We have been alerted by residents that the sewer drain in Wood Street is blocked and untreated waste water is flowing down Wood Street and then into the High Street.

Thames Water have advised that residents should avoid walking around the affected area if possible until they arrive. This was reported to Thames Water this morning by the council and several local residents. Due to the nature of the issue Thames Water have flagged this as a priority. An engineer has been dispatched and is due on site shortly.

You can check the progress of the repair here

A41 Traffic Lights Reminder

A41 Traffic Lights Reminder

Traffic lights will be in effect on the A41 at Fleet Marston between 10-4pm from the 16th of April for up to 3 weeks for HS2 related works.

Expect delays during these hours.

A notification from HS2 regarding works on the A41 at Fleet Marston

What are HS2 doing?

HS2 are creating new habitat sites for protected species in our area. These new sites will be part of the ‘green corridor’ of connected wildlife habitats alongside the route of the future railway.

To be able to access two of the habitat sites HS2 are creating south of the A41 at Fleet Marston, they will need to use temporary traffic lights to reduce traffic to one lane in the location shown on the map. This is so HS2 can create a safe site entrance off the A41 for vehicles during the construction of the habitat sites.

The temporary traffic lights will be in place from 16th April 2018 and the works will take a maximum of three weeks. The lights will only be in place from 10am to 4pm each day to reduce delays in peak hours. Sign-age will be put in place to warn drivers prior to the work starting.

HS2 will carry out these works only with permission from Buckinghamshire County Council’s Transport Department and will comply with their requirements.

The works to the site entrance will require a small number of HGV movements taking away spoil and delivering materials. A mechanical digger will be used to clear the area and powered tools will be used to create the new site entrance.

How may this affect me?

There will be traffic delays to journeys on the A41 in this area. HS2 are aware this is a busy road and will make every effort to minimise the duration of the works if they can do so safely.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or if you would like to find out more, you can get in touch quoting reference AWNC2B0005:

• Write to: HS2 Helpdesk, Two Snowhill, Snow Hill Oueensway, Birmingham, B4 6GA
• Email:
• Telephone: 0808 143 44 34

You are welcome to ask someone to represent you in any discussions with HS2 Ltd.

Full details can be found here Advance Works Notification for the A41 at Fleet Marston. (PDF Format)

Parish Councillor Vacancy

A councillor vacancy has arisen following the resignation of Cllr Melvyn Goodway due to ill health.

Melvyn worked tirelessly and with admirable tenacity to secure funding from HS2 for speed mitigation and was instrumental in the implementation and successful ‘making’ of the Neighbourhood Plan in 2017.

We wish him a full and speedy recovery and look forward to his continued support in and around the village.

Further to our ‘Notice of Parish Vacancy’ that expired on the 19th April 2018 AVDC have confirmed to the Clerk they have received no request for an election and the Parish Council are now free to proceed to co-opt to fill the vacant position.

NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant to Rule 8 of the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) Rule 2006 the council will fill the casual vacancy by co-option.

Written expressions of interest from persons wishing to serve as a councillor need to be submitted to the Clerk of the council within 21 days of the date of this notice (excluding Dies Non).

The closing date for the written submission of interest is noon on the 22nd May 2018 and following that date the council will fill the casual vacancy by co-option.

Remembrance Sunday 2018

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

The Silent Soldiers are life-size silhouettes that will stand in symbolic tribute at locations to be agreed around the village.

They will be present in the community during November and December 2018 as a representation of “Tommy” returning home silently at the end of the war, and to remember those that lost their lives and never returned home. We are keen for local groups and organisations to support this campaign and join the nation in this poignant tribute to lives lost.

The parish council has pledged its support for the Royal British Legion campaign, to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the end of the Great War focusing on the theme of “coming home”

They will be present in the community during November and December 2018, to remember those that lost their lives and never returned home.

Silhouettes can be sponsored by companies, local organisations and individuals at £250 each. You can find out more by downloading the Silent-Solider_Buckinghamshire guide produced by the Royal British Legion.

The Village is holding its annual Remembrance Day Service and Wreath-laying ceremony on Sunday November 11th 2018 at the War Memorial.

“Companies and individuals can join the nation in remembrance by sponsoring a Silent Soldier in our parish.”

In the evening of Sunday November 11th 2018, the village’s residents will join the Nation in celebrating the “Battle’s Over” event with lighting of beacons across the country including one at Waddesdon. Further details will be publicised later in the year.

Information about Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute can be seen here.

More information about the Silent Soldier campaign can be found here.

27th March 2018

Aylesbury Vale District Council’s New Homes Bonus Micro Grant awarded to Waddesdon

On behalf of the village the council has secured a grant from the Aylesbury Vale District Council’s New Homes Bonus Micro Grant Scheme. These are described as

An exciting development sees the introduction of a new NHB Micro Grant Funding Scheme which is open to voluntary and community sector organisations operating within a parish, as well as parish and town councils.

This community grant allows us to purchase tools & equipment that volunteers can use at village clean-up days, in cases of emergency and where we are performing work that requires those present to wear protective safety gear.

We are putting the grant towards the following items:

  • General purpose Shovels and Brooms
  • Portable Cleaning Equipment – these are portable jet-washes, very useful on bollards & signs.
  • Protective Gloves (and Safety Eye-wear)
  • Hi-Vis vests for volunteers to use during clean up days etc.
  • Extending cleaning brushes that will allow us to better clean road side signs and lights

As part of our commitment to keeping the village tidy our next clean-up day is Saturday 21st April. We will be meeting at the Children’s Centre car park (Frederick Street) for a quick chat about what we are doing and then to split into groups and off to do some spring cleaning. Those wishing to come and join us should arrive around 10AM, we do expect to be out for several hours and you are most welcome to come and join us any time. During the day there will be updates on our Facebook page. And last but not least there will be hot and cold refreshments available.

As always everyone is welcome!

If you could please let the Clerk know you are interested in helping out that would be great.

A Thames Water update regarding the leak in HP17/18/22

Thames Water have now finished the repair near Carters Lane that has caused no water and low pressure in the area this evening.

Pressure is now increasing, and some customers may find that water has already returned. For others, this will take a little longer for the water to return due to location and the size of the area affected but we expect all customers water to be back to normal by the morning. You may notice once your water has returned that it appears cloudy, this is perfectly normal and harmless.

What you are seeing is tiny air bubbles within the water caused by the supply interruption. The way to fix this is to simply run your cold kitchen tap for around 5 minutes and then fill a dry clean glass to see if this has improved the clarity of your water.

Thank you for your patience tonight, if you have any concerns or any continued issues, please contact Thames Water via their media pages for further assistance.

HP17/18/22 No Water or Low pressure

HP17/18/22 No Water or Low pressure

Last updated.

Thames Water are aware of a problem in and around the village area and that some customers may be experiencing no water or low pressure.

Thames Water engineers are on site working to resolve the issue but if you are without water, they have bottled water available at the following locations:

Rising Sun at Ickford, Worminghall Rd, Ickford, Ickford Village, Aylesbury HP18 9JD click here to view on map

Waddesdon Village Primary School, School Lane HP18 OLQ click here to view on map

Further locations to follow.


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