Parish Councillor Vacancy

A councillor vacancy has arisen following the resignation of Cllr Melvyn Goodway due to ill health.

Melvyn worked tirelessly and with admirable tenacity to secure funding from HS2 for speed mitigation and was instrumental in the implementation and successful ‘making’ of the Neighbourhood Plan in 2017.

We wish him a full and speedy recovery and look forward to his continued support in and around the village.

Further to our ‘Notice of Parish Vacancy’ that expired on the 19th April 2018 AVDC have confirmed to the Clerk they have received no request for an election and the Parish Council are now free to proceed to co-opt to fill the vacant position.

NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant to Rule 8 of the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) Rule 2006 the council will fill the casual vacancy by co-option.

Written expressions of interest from persons wishing to serve as a councillor need to be submitted to the Clerk of the council within 21 days of the date of this notice (excluding Dies Non).

The closing date for the written submission of interest is noon on the 22nd May 2018 and following that date the council will fill the casual vacancy by co-option.

Remembrance Sunday 2018

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

The Silent Soldiers are life-size silhouettes that will stand in symbolic tribute at locations to be agreed around the village.

They will be present in the community during November and December 2018 as a representation of “Tommy” returning home silently at the end of the war, and to remember those that lost their lives and never returned home. We are keen for local groups and organisations to support this campaign and join the nation in this poignant tribute to lives lost.

The parish council has pledged its support for the Royal British Legion campaign, to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the end of the Great War focusing on the theme of “coming home”

They will be present in the community during November and December 2018, to remember those that lost their lives and never returned home.

Silhouettes can be sponsored by companies, local organisations and individuals at £250 each. You can find out more by downloading the Silent-Solider_Buckinghamshire guide produced by the Royal British Legion.

The Village is holding its annual Remembrance Day Service and Wreath-laying ceremony on Sunday November 11th 2018 at the War Memorial.

“Companies and individuals can join the nation in remembrance by sponsoring a Silent Soldier in our parish.”

In the evening of Sunday November 11th 2018, the village’s residents will join the Nation in celebrating the “Battle’s Over” event with lighting of beacons across the country including one at Waddesdon. Further details will be publicised later in the year.

Information about Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute can be seen here.

More information about the Silent Soldier campaign can be found here.

27th March 2018

Aylesbury Vale District Council’s New Homes Bonus Micro Grant awarded to Waddesdon

On behalf of the village the council has secured a grant from the Aylesbury Vale District Council’s New Homes Bonus Micro Grant Scheme. These are described as

An exciting development sees the introduction of a new NHB Micro Grant Funding Scheme which is open to voluntary and community sector organisations operating within a parish, as well as parish and town councils.

This community grant allows us to purchase tools & equipment that volunteers can use at village clean-up days, in cases of emergency and where we are performing work that requires those present to wear protective safety gear.

We are putting the grant towards the following items:

  • General purpose Shovels and Brooms
  • Portable Cleaning Equipment – these are portable jet-washes, very useful on bollards & signs.
  • Protective Gloves (and Safety Eye-wear)
  • Hi-Vis vests for volunteers to use during clean up days etc.
  • Extending cleaning brushes that will allow us to better clean road side signs and lights

As part of our commitment to keeping the village tidy our next clean-up day is Saturday 21st April. We will be meeting at the Children’s Centre car park (Frederick Street) for a quick chat about what we are doing and then to split into groups and off to do some spring cleaning. Those wishing to come and join us should arrive around 10AM, we do expect to be out for several hours and you are most welcome to come and join us any time. During the day there will be updates on our Facebook page. And last but not least there will be hot and cold refreshments available.

As always everyone is welcome!

If you could please let the Clerk know you are interested in helping out that would be great.

A Thames Water update regarding the leak in HP17/18/22

Thames Water have now finished the repair near Carters Lane that has caused no water and low pressure in the area this evening.

Pressure is now increasing, and some customers may find that water has already returned. For others, this will take a little longer for the water to return due to location and the size of the area affected but we expect all customers water to be back to normal by the morning. You may notice once your water has returned that it appears cloudy, this is perfectly normal and harmless.

What you are seeing is tiny air bubbles within the water caused by the supply interruption. The way to fix this is to simply run your cold kitchen tap for around 5 minutes and then fill a dry clean glass to see if this has improved the clarity of your water.

Thank you for your patience tonight, if you have any concerns or any continued issues, please contact Thames Water via their media pages for further assistance.

HP17/18/22 No Water or Low pressure

HP17/18/22 No Water or Low pressure

Last updated.

Thames Water are aware of a problem in and around the village area and that some customers may be experiencing no water or low pressure.

Thames Water engineers are on site working to resolve the issue but if you are without water, they have bottled water available at the following locations:

Rising Sun at Ickford, Worminghall Rd, Ickford, Ickford Village, Aylesbury HP18 9JD click here to view on map

Waddesdon Village Primary School, School Lane HP18 OLQ click here to view on map

Further locations to follow.


PC Surgery with HS2 – Friday 2nd February

The next Parish Council surgery will be on Friday 2nd February in the Business Hub (Village Hall) between 1-3pm

We will be joined by representatives from HS2 so if you have any questions you would like to ask them, please come along. If you are unable to make this date, you can always email your queries to the Clerk who will be happy to pass them on.

Courier fraud warning – Aylesbury Vale

Information sent on behalf of Thames Valley Police

Courier fraud warning – Aylesbury Vale

Residents in Aylesbury Vale have reported receiving unsolicited telephone calls from people often claiming to be police officers.

They have claimed to be investigating a fraudulent transaction on the victim’s credit / debit cards, or suspicious transaction on their bank account.

The offenders give fictitious officer name / shoulder number and in a recent report, in Aston Sandford, the resident was encouraged to dial 999 to check out their identity.

The line had been kept open by the offender, so the victim was not actually connecting to the emergency services.

In Aylesbury a victim was encouraged to go to the bank to withdraw cash and a courier later turned up to pick up the cash / bank cards.

Please warn neighbours, family and friends, especially if they are old or vulnerable, not to pass information on to any unsolicited callers. Remember:-

  • never tell anyone your PIN number
  • never give personal information or bank account details to anyone over the phone
  • never hand over your card, money or valuables to someone at the door.

Check the identity of anyone you are dealing with either in person or over the phone. Call the organisation they claim to be working for, but make sure they have cleared the line and that you have your normal dialling tone.
If you are suspicious of an unexpected visitor to your home call the police on 101, or on 999 in an emergency. If you are suspicious of an unsolicited telephone call, that you think might be fraudulent, report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.
Further fraud prevention advice can be found on this section of the Thames Valley Police website.

Message sent by

Diane Brown (Police, NHW & Community Messaging Co-ordinator, Aylesbury Vale LPA)

Bucks County Council – Potholes

News from Buckinghamshire County Council

PR 9826
16 January 2018
For Immediate Release

It’s pothole season

This winter’s weather has been tough on Buckinghamshire’s roads – while the heavy snowfall in December was the most remarkable weather event, the worst conditions for roads are actually when the ground temperature fluctuates constantly between just above and just below zero.

Pothole formation is accelerated by this ‘freeze-thaw’ effect, whereby moisture gets into small cracks in the road surface and expands when it freezes, then thaws out when the temperature rises. This process repeats until the road surface begins to break up and potholes are formed.

County Councillor Mark Shaw, Cabinet Member for Transportation, urges road users in Buckinghamshire to report potholes when they see them:

“Transport for Buckinghamshire will investigate every pothole reported to them, and react on a risk based prioritisation process – put simply, that means the worst ones will be attended to first, as a matter of urgency. But we’re not mind readers, and the road network is far too vast for us to possibly know where all the potholes are, so we need members of the public to report them to us either using the online form, which only takes a few minutes, or by calling if it’s dangerous or an emergency. I would ask that everyone be patient while we deal with the fallout of a bad winter – potholes are as inevitable as weather, roads are made of a porous material so that they don’t flood constantly in rain and so when water within the structure freezes, defects will form.”

On average, when there are no severe weather issues, TfB repairs over 4,000 potholes every month.

Pothole FAQ:

  • You fixed one pothole, why didn’t you fix the one next to it while you were here?
    Potholes are prioritised according to risk – if they are on very well used roads, they are more of a priority. Size and depth are also factors. Resources have to be used responsibly, and cannot be used up fixing a more minor road surface defect when there are more urgent defects needing attention just up the road.
  • Why can I only report one pothole online at a time?
    Our online reporting system works on an interactive map, so that each individual defect can be risk assessed and dealt with on a case by case basis. The map allows for accurate pinpointing, which saves time when it comes to inspections. There are drop-down menus to allow you to input as much detail, such as size and position, as possible.
  • Why do you make temporary repairs that don’t last?
    Temporary repairs, where the pothole is filled in with hot material and made smooth, are often carried out as a safety measure when a permanent repair cannot be carried out at that moment, likely due to the location of the defect. That is to say, where a larger area of road needs to be cut away to make a full repair, likely requiring a road or lane closure, a temporary or ‘make safe’ repair is an effective way of keeping the road safe in the meantime.
  • How do I report a pothole?

You can report potholes, as well as any other road issue, using the Report It forms on the county council website. In an emergency, for instance a severe road defect, a flooded road, or a tree in the road, you can always call Transport for Buckinghamshire on 01296 382416 or 486630 (out of hours). The online reporting tool is at

Thames Water Planned Works – High Street/A41

Thames Water – Planned Maintenance with Potential Traffic Disruption

HP18: High Street

Thames Water plan to carry out essential maintenance on equipment they have in the High Street.

There aim is to minimise any interruption to their service during the repair activities. Should an unexpected event happen, they will take appropriate steps to minimise the impact on their customers.

The Parish Council will assist with alternative water supply (e.g. distribution of bottles) from Thames Water if the need arises. Please check our Facebook page or our website for more updates.

Start Date: 11 January 2018

End Date: 15 January 2018

Waddesdon Traffic Calming Feasibility Study Consultation

Waddesdon Traffic Calming Feasibility Study Consultation

Previously Waddesdon Parish Council held a public meeting to identify and discuss key issues within Waddesdon.  From this, the parish identified a brief for Transport for Buckinghamshire to identify potential improvements.  This has been prepared in a feasibility study report.

Waddesdon Parish Council wish to obtain residents’ and businesses’ opinions of the potential options.


Please refer to the Feasibility Study and associated drawings, which are available on the Buckinghamshire County Council Web page.


The feedback form can be complete on-line through following the link on the BCC below:

We will be delivering copies of the feedback form to residents over the next few days. If you prefer you can download and fill-in this form and return it by post to the Parish Clerk Waddesdon Consultation Feedback Form

The deadline for feedback is Thursday 30th November 2017.