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Meeting the Council

After reviewing the surgeries run over the last 12 months we’ve made some changes for 2018 based on your feedback.

Starting from March 2018 we will be changing the format of the surgeries we hold at the Village Hall Business Hub. They will now run on either a Saturday morning or a weekday evening and we’ll announce these in advance so you have plenty of notice.

There will be one or more Councillors on hand to take your representations and answer queries. If you have a village issue that you would like to raise you can pop along or if you prefer you can book a one-to-one meeting for an alternative day/time. Please note the Parish Clerk will not be available at the surgeries from March.

We hope you find these changes useful and your feedback is most welcome.

For further information or to book a meeting please email Melanie Rose at

Office Opening Hours

Monday: Closed to visitors
Tuesday: Closed to visitors
Wednesday: 8am–1pm – Appointments Only
Thursday: 8am– 1pm – Appointments Only
Friday: Closed to visitors

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