Planning and Development Applications

Planning and Development Applications

The Local Planning Authority consults the Parish Council on all applications that have been received within the parish boundary. The Parish Council has no authority over the final decision and can only make a comment to either support, remain neutral or has concerns relating to the application.

  • Town and Parish councils have no planning powers.
  • They are statutory consultees with the same rights as a member of the public.

We can only comment on considerations such as the below:

  • Privacy issues including the overlooking of adjacent properties.
  • Loss of natural light, increased shadow footprints.
  • On and off street parking
  • Safety issues relating to the public highway.
  • Changes to the level of traffic.
  • An increase or change in noise levels.
  • The design, appearance and materials used in the construction.
  • Previous planning decisions (including any appeals)

If you have any objections we strongly advise that you make your comments known to Aylesbury Vale District Council by either writing to them or by commenting on the application directly via the Planning Portal (Direct Link).

Clicking on the Open for Comment speech bubble or the application heading will take you directly to the Aylesbury Vale District Council Planning Portal (Direct Link) where you can access full details of the application, view any associated plans, read any comments made by the Parish Council and view the status and decision, if it has been made.

This page is updated every Monday with applications that have been validated by the Planning Authority during the previous week.

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