Reporting a Problem / Fix My Street

Report a Problem to the Parish or County Council

You can report certain issues within the parish of Waddesdon e.g. a street light not working or a dog / waste bin full or damaged using the form below – it’s quick, easy and available 24 hours a day. Please provide as much information as possible including exact location and a detailed message. Be aware that we do not monitor on-line reports at weekends or during bank holidays.

Items that are not the responsibility of the Parish Council are handled by the County Council, they inspect the roads, foot-ways, public rights of way and street-lights on main A roads regularly. Sometimes problems occur in between the inspections. If you’re concerned about the condition of any of these please let Bucks County Council know.

There are dedicated forms for the following issues Street Lights and Pot Holes, for other concerns or issues please use this form. The County Council will identify what needs doing and if appropriate will organise the repair.

Latest reported issues near Waddesdon (HP18 0) on FixMyStreet

Who’s responsible?

You can find an overview of which council is responsible for which area here. You’ll also find lots of information on our Useful Contacts page.

For any urgent safety issues please call as emails can­not always be dealt with upon receipt.

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