Thames Water to address water leak in Baker Street

Thames Water to address water leak in Baker Street

Water Leak in Baker Street – Planned Road Closure

After numerous reports from both residents and the Parish Council we have been notified that Thames Water has carried out an initial investigation into the water leak on Baker Street.

They are now working with Bucks County Council, so they can carry out the repair as quickly and safely as possible with minimal impact on local properties and traffic. Whilst the work is carried out they have advised that there may be disruption to both the highway and footpath.

Traffic Disruption

They have indicated that they will have had to close the road while the repair is taking place.

Repairing Road Surfaces

Any repairs to the road surface may take longer as Thames Water will need to liaise with the relevant local authority. Full details can be found here. Thames Waters reference for the water leak is 31148085.