Almshouses – urgent work to remove trees

At either end of the Almshouses there is evidence of subsidence with large cracks appearing on the building and brick work moving. As a result Waddesdon Estate have had the building inspected by a qualified structural engineering who advised that the trees are a main part of the cause and recommended which ones needed to be felled as a result.

Consequently tree conservation consent was sought to remove these trees and permission from AVDC was confirmed in August. The application and consent is available to see on their planning portal. 

Trustee consent has also been given.

The tree contractors have been instructed to proceed during September and confirmation of the start date is awaited.  After the trees have been removed, the ground/building will need to settle before arranging for the building repairs to be carried out.

If you have any queries, please contact the Parish Council or Waddesdon Estate.

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