Parish Staff

Clerk to the Council

The clerk is the council’s principal executive and adviser and, for Waddesdon parish council, is the officer responsible for the administration of its financial affairs.

The clerk is not answerable to any individual councillor – not even the chairman. She is an independent and unbiased employee of the council, recognising that the council is responsible for all decisions and taking instruction from the council as a body.

As the council’s proper officer the clerk is responsible for implementing council policy; ensuring the council acts within the law; advising the council on all aspects of its work and may have delegated powers of decision making especially in urgent situations.

It is the clerk who prepares and posts notices, is responsible for writing the agenda and minutes, keeps the council’s records, deals with correspondence, arranges the council’s insurance and issues the precept.

The clerk has a key role in advising the council, and its members, on governance, ethical and procedural matters.

The contact details for the clerk are below or if you wish to send her a message from this page use the form at the bottom.

Office Opening Hours

Monday: Closed to visitors
Tuesday: Closed to visitors
Wednesday: 8am–1pm – Appointments Only
Thursday: 8am– 1pm – Appointments Only
Friday: Closed to visitors

Melanie Rose
9 Warmstone Close
HP18 0NR
01296 651800

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