Financial Information

Financial Information

The Parish Council finances its activities from part of the council tax paid by households in the parish. Waddesdon Parish Council has set its precept (the amount of money it raises from council tax payers) for the current financial year (April 2021 to March 2022) at £108,028. This equates to a £1.67 rise per week for a Band D property.

All spend data has been reviewed internally prior to publication.

The accounts for 2020/21 are currently being audited.

Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement

Section 2 – Accounting Statements

Internal Audit Report

Notice of Public Rights

The budget for 2019/20, used by the Parish Council to set the precept, can be seen in this document Proposed budget 2019-20

The accounts for 2019/20 are as follows:

Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement

Section 2 – Accounting Statements

Internal audit report 2019-20

External Auditor’s report

Notice of public rights

Notice of conclusion of audit

The accounts for 2018/19 are as follows:

AGAR Section 1 & Section 2

Internal Audit Report

Public Rights Notice

Notice of conclusion of audit

Section 3 – External auditor report & certificate

The Clerk, the senior and paid officer (employee) of the Parish Council, is paid according to the scales agreed between the National Association of Local Councils and the Society of Local Council Clerks. The Parish Council has agreed that the Clerk should be paid on Scale LC2, which is the scale appropriate to a large village or small town.

Asset Register

A full list of the current assets of the Parish Council can be seen here. This is updated annually.

Please note the following:

For data protection reasons, where payments have been made to individuals, the names have been replaced with the words ‘Redacted Personal Data’.
This data has been prepared in accordance with the latest guidance from the Local Government Association.

These payments are shown net of VAT (the true cost to the council).