Steve Walker

Steve Walker

Councillor, Chairman

Steve is the Chair of the Council. He lives in Waddesdon with his wife and four children. He first got involved with the local community in a district council by-election in Waddesdon & Stone in 2015, helping Paul Irwin's campaign. Being an IT consultant for over 25 years, he used his IT skills to put together this website. Use the contact information to get in touch with Steve.

Having been a resident of Waddesdon for over 10 years I had no intention of moving into the world of councillors but I was attracted by being able to do what is best for the individual and communities. It is a fascinating world for the newcomer, opening areas of new interest and training and working with colleagues in all sorts of organisations, finding out how important their local councillor is to everyone.

My strong and successful campaigning record, varied experience across all sectors and my belief in ‘hard graft’ would serve the Parish of Waddesdon well.

Thank you and I hope I can count on your support.