Planning Matters

Planning and Development within the Parish

For Pre Planning Applications please see our guidance document here.

Waddesdon Parish Council is consulted on some planning applications by Buckinghamshire Council (BC). They are considered within the deadline set by BC either at a monthly meeting or a specifically called Planning Committee meeting. Agendas for these meetings set out which applications are being considered for comment by the Parish Council and are published on this website as well as the noticeboards in the village. WPC only receives those applications BC wishes them to consult on. The Parish Council has no authority over the final decision and can only make a comment to either support, remain neutral or object to the application.

WPC can only comment on “Material Considerations” such as:-

  • Overlooking/loss of privacy

  • Loss of light or overshadowing

  • Parking

  • Highway safety

  • Traffic

  • Noise

  • Effect on listed building and conservation area

  • Layout and density of building

  • Design, appearance and materials

  • Government policy

  • Disabled persons’ access

  • Proposals in the Development Plan

  • Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)

  • Nature conservation

If you have any objections we strongly advise that you make your comments known to Buckinghamshire Council by either writing to them or by commenting on the application directly via the Planning Portal.

Current Planning Applications under consideration by Buckinghamshire Council’s Planning Department (this is not a definitive list – always refer to Buckinghamshire Council’s website for correct status):

  • Ref: 20/03609/APP | The Dairy, Queen Street, Waddesdon | Installation of sculptures by Joanna Vasconcelos: “Wedding Cake” and “Lafite,” and an 18th century Centaur, together with associated upgrading of car parking | Status: Pending Consideration


  • Ref: 20/03336/APP | 29 Little Britain, Waddesdon | Two storey rear extension | Status: Pending Consideration


  • Ref: 20/02917/APP | 12 Goss Avenue, Waddesdon | Single storey front, side and rear extension with single storey rear garden
    playroom | Status: Pending Consideration


  • Ref: 20/02883/APP | Land Front of 1 Anstey Court, Waddesdon | Creation of 5 no additional off-street parking spaces and Landscaping works | Status: Pending Consideration


  • Ref: 20/02886/APP | 18 Chestnut Close, Waddesdon | Conversion of garage into habitable accommodation | Status: Householder Approved


  • Ref: 20/02365/APP | British Telecom Telephone Exchange, Frederick Street | Demolition of existing redundant telephone exchange and erection of new chalet style house | Status: Approved






















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