Waddesdon 4-Year Plan 2020-24

Waddesdon Village Plan Survey Results can be downloaded here

We have produced a 4 year plan which has incorporated your feedback and suggestions gathered from this survey. This is a working document and will be amended throughout the 4-years.

The action plan will be based around identifying and making improvements to community services, activities and environmental issues. This is different from Waddesdon’s current Neighbourhood Plan which is designed to guide development and growth in the village.

Data Protection and Confidentiality

All survey results are stored securely, are only available to authorised individuals to use for analysis and reporting purposes and are handled in compliance with Data Protection legislation and best practice.

We treat all individual responses to our surveys in confidence so we are unable to pass on any queries you raise on your completed survey. If you require an individual response to any issues you have about any aspect of the survey or your answers, it is important to raise them with the Clerk by using the contact information available from our website.